• 4th Battalion Parade Ground Cemetery, Gallipoli

  • Menin Gate Last Post, Ypres

  • Rhododendron Ridge, Gallipoli

  • Tyne Cot, Belgium

  • Villers-Bretonneux, France

European River Cruising

Drifting Down Mighty Rivers with John Waller

John Waller and his wife Sue did a European river cruise with Scenic Tours late last year, and can highly recommend it to anyone wanting to explore the charm and grandeur of Europe while taking in the unforgettable landscapes at a relaxed pace.

River cruising is a fantastic way to see the inside of Europe. The river cruise ships are essentially floating hotels that journey between the European capitals and fabled landscapes dotted with castles, villages and vineyards. For many travellers, the slow chug along the river is just the right pace for getting the lay of the land.

John believes the Scenic vessels are the best on the river, having taken the opportunity to look at several others. Sitting on the top deck under brilliant blue skies, you gaze on the magnificent scenery that surrounds you. A flight downstairs, and have you all the amenities of a modern hotel, including restaurants with an excellent choice of food, bars, lounges, fitness facilities, spas, and internet access. The cabins are a good size with plenty of space under the bed for several suit cases, plus additional space for all the shopping along the way.

River cruising means that you no longer have to sit with your nose pressed up against the bus window as you swerve around the bends from one city to the next. Nor will you have to constantly check your luggage in and out of hotels. River travellers only have to unpack once, and have plenty of opportunities to venture out to all the wonderful cities such as Cologne, Rudesheim, Melk, Vienna and many more, taking only what you need for the day. The optional 35km bike ride through the vineyards on the Rhine is a must!

The talks and evening entertainment were also much better than expected, allowing John and Sue to mingle with other travellers, making new friends along the way.

Overall, river cruising is ideal for those wanting a luxury tour at a relaxed pace and for cruisers who want to see Europe beyond the coast line. If you would like any more information or tailor a cruise option to suit your needs then please give John a call on 1800 035 350.

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