Graeme Beveridge

Graeme worked at the Australian War Memorial (AWM) from 1993 to 2004. During that time, he worked in Visitor Services, Education, Public Events, and finally as the Executive Officer.

His work included providing tours of the Memorial’s exhibitions for special groups such as ADF personnel, school goups, visiting overseas dignitaries, and other VIPs. He also delivered public lectures in the Memorial’s galleries on a wide range of subjects covering the Australian experience in the war. Most recently, he has delivered a series of detailed lectures for AWM staff on Australian involvement on the Western Front during WWI. His position as Executive Officer involved extensive research and coordination on a wide range of subjects relating to the AWM’s role in Australian society including, of course, Australian military history.

Graeme has been travelling to Gallipoli and the Western Front battlefields since 1995. These trips have included:

  • Leading Australian War memorial Battlefield Tour groups to both areas, providing detailed accounts of the actions which took place at each of the sites visited.
  • Organising and leading the Simpson Prize winners to Turkey each year to attend the Dawn Service at ANZAC Cove. This is a group of year 10 students, one from each State and Territory, who won a history essay competition based upon the legend of John Simpson (The Man with the Donkey) and the ANZAC spirit.
  • Taking part in a combined Australian War Memorial/Imperial War Museum history tour of the Western Front, during which each participant was required to make at least one detailed presentation on site of the particular action.
  • Leading smaller private groups through the Gallipoli and Western Front campaigns in a similar way to the AWM battlefield tours.
  • Several private trips which have allowed Graeme to spend more time researching in various places which is not normally possible when leading larger groups.

Prior to departure, Graeme invites members of the tour group to advise him of any subject of particular interest, such as relatives who had fought (and sometimes died) during the conflict. Graeme then researches the matter to ensure, where possible, that the tour visits the particular site and that detailed infomation on the actions there are provided.

Graeme has a keen interest in military history generally and Australian involvement in particular. He is able to present information about the background and specific events which occurred in an interesting and entertaining way, and is always happy to research any personal connections which tour members may have in the areas to be visited.

As a resident of Canberra, Graeme is able to attend any lectures or meetings to assist with pre-tour planning and information.