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July Historical Highlights – Leane’s Trench – Gallipoli

While the British continued efforts to capture Achi Baba in the Helles sector, July was generally quiet at Anzac, with preparations for the August Offensive taking priority. But there was one Australian action late in the month, often overshadowed by later events at Lone Pine and the Nek.

The 11th Battalion was holding the line on Bolton’s Ridge, with a forward position known as Tasmania Post on Holly Ridge. The Turks, working by night, had established their own advanced line on the western edge of Holly Ridge. This concerned the Australians as it could provide a covered route for a Turkish attack on Tasmania Post, only 40 metres away.

As the start date of the August Offensive approached, General Headquarters asked the Australians to carry out a diversion, indicating a likely breakout southwards from the Anzac sector. This request, and the concern about the Turkish advances, resulted in a plan for the 11th Battalion to capture the Turkish works opposite Tasmania Post.

The action took place during the night of 31 July / 1 August. The assault consisted of 200 men, attacking in two waves, and was preceded by the detonation of four mines in tunnels driven forward from Tasmania Post. Commencing at moonrise, about 10.20 p.m. that night, the attack had succeeded by 11.45 p.m. The captured position became known as "Leane’s Trench", after the commander of the operation.

Because of its proximity to Lone Pine, the area of the attack falls within our tour coverage on the Gallipoli In Depth Battlefield Tour 2013.

Source: Rod Margetts - who is a battlefield tour guide for Boronia Travel Centre.

Image Description: An unidentified member of the 1st Battalion with his machine gun in position in a trench at Leane's Trench. Photo courtesy of the Australian War Memorial.

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