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  • Menin Gate Last Post, Ypres

  • Rhododendron Ridge, Gallipoli

  • Tyne Cot, Belgium

  • Villers-Bretonneux, France

Gallipoli 2015 Ballot Arrangements Announced

To everyone who is still planning to attend the Anzac Day commemorations in Gallipoli on 25 April 2015, the latest media release issued by the government today has provided further details on the ballot arrangements.

The good news is that 3,000 double passes will be allocated to the general public, while the remaining places will be reserved for special representatives such as war widows, direct descendants, veterans and school children.

The ballot is expected to be open for registrations on 1 November 2013 and close on 31 January 2013, and details on how to register will be provided later in the year.

If you are unsuccessful in the ballot, our Gallipoli 2015 Tour will still be going ahead and we can assure that it will be just as poignant and memorable as every other year. Plus, we have made exclusive arrangements for an alternative Dawn Service that will be very special to all who can attend, and will be attended by Australian War Memorial battlefield guides.

We would also like to thank everyone for their patience during this extensive process, but we strongly support the ballot arrangements being made for all attendees to enjoy the commemorations. We have been very open and transparent with the information we provide. If you have any further questions about the commemoration at Gallipoli in 2015, then we suggest visiting the FAQs section on the official Gallipoli 2015 website.

__________________________________________________________ MEDIA RELEASE - THE GALLIPOLI BALLOT Monday, 13th May 2013 - The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on the Centenary of Anzac Warren Snowdon today provided further details on the ballot arrangements for Australians planning to attend Anzac Day commemorations in Gallipoli on 25 April 2015. “A ballot is the fairest and most transparent approach to the allocation of attendance passes for the centenary commemorations at Gallipoli, within previously agreed and announced capacity of 10,500 places at the Anzac Commemorative Site,” Mr Snowdon said. “My New Zealand counterpart, the Hon Michael Woodhouse, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, has made a similar announcement today.” Following the agreement of the Turkish Government, the Government had previously announced that the places will be shared between Australian and NZ (8,000 Australians, 2,000 New Zealanders) and up to 500 places have been set aside for official representatives and guests, including representatives of all countries that served in the Gallipoli campaign. Mr Snowdon said the Government had carefully considered options for the ballot, drawing on feedback received from members of the public, the veteran and Defence communities and tour operators as part of a public consultation undertaken in 2012. Some of the places available to Australians will be reserved for special representatives including:
  • Widows of Australian First World War veterans – they do not need to participate in the ballot and will be included as part of Australia’s official representatives, with a companion, if fit to travel.
  • Five per cent of places allocated in the ballot will be reserved for Australian direct descendants of veterans of the Gallipoli campaign – with preference being given to the sons and daughters of Gallipoli veterans.
  • Five per cent of places in the ballot will be reserved for veterans who have qualifying service or who have deployed on any operations outside Australia, whether they are warlike, non-warlike or peacetime operations.
  • Five per cent of places will be set aside outside the ballot process for representative secondary school children and their chaperones, to be allocated and managed through the states and territories.
The remaining places (3,000 double passes) will be available for all Australians. The following criteria will apply to the ballot:
  • Applicants must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia to register, but do not need to be living in Australia at the time of registration.
  • Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age on, or before, 25 April 2015 to register.
  • Applicants can only register once.
  • All passes will be issued as double passes – the accompanying pass holder does not need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia.
  • No additional passes will be provided to an individual that is successful in the ballot.
  • Pass holders must make all arrangements for their travel and cover all costs including flights, accommodation, transport and travel insurance etc.
“The ballot is expected to be open for registrations on 1 November 2013 and close on 31 January 2014. Details on how to register will be available later in the year following the engagement of a provider to conduct the ballot,” Mr Snowdon said. “Advice will be provided to individuals on the ballot outcome in March 2014, to ensure those successful have enough time to organise and pay for their trip. This will also allow tour operators to make specific arrangements with those travellers who have secured passed for the Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli.” The Turkish Government has entrusted the Australian and New Zealand Governments to manage the events on 25 April 2015 which include the Dawn Service and subsequent services at Lone Pine and Chunuk Bair. Both governments wish to express their gratitude to the Turkish Government for the level of support that it has provided, and its commitment to the events associated with the Centenary of Anzac. “The Gallipoli campaign lasted eight months from April to December 1915, and I encourage those who are thinking about applying for the ballot, and may not be eligible for a special representative place, to consider whether they want to visit Gallipoli at another time in 2015,” he said.

Gallipoli 2015 ballot arrangements

  1. Announcement of ballot details, 13 May 2013
  2. Procurement process of ballot and ticketing provider, May - July 2013
  3. Ballot system development, testing and audit, 1 August – 30 October 2013
  4. Registration for ballot opens (Registration available online, via telephone and other method), 1 November 2013
  5. Registration for ballot closes, 31 January 2014
  6. Finalisation of administrative details and running of ballot, 1 - 28 February 2014
  7. Advice sent to applicants, 1 - 30 March 2014
  8. Passport details to be registered and confirmation that all pass holders will attend the commemorations, 1 May – 30 November 2014
Ballot System Cascade All passes will be allocated as double passes. No additional passes will be provided to any individual that is successful in the ballot. The ballot will operate in four cascades (noting that 400 youth passes will be distributed outside of the ballot process): 1st Cascade: 
  • Applicants who have indicated “Direct Descendent” with preference to first generation – sons and daughters
  • 400 double passes allocated (total 800 pax)
  • Those who have also indicated “Veteran” go to 2nd cascade. Those who haven’t go to 3rd cascade
2nd Cascade
  • Applicants who have indicated “Veteran”
  • 400 double passes allocated (total 800 pax)
  • Go to 3rd cascade
3rd Cascade
  • Applicants who haven’t indicated either “Direct Descendent” or “Veteran” (i.e. the Australian public), plus unsuccessful applicants from 1st & 2nd cascades
  • 3,000 double passes (total 6,000 pax)
  • Those who have indicated willingness to be placed on a wait list go to 4th cascade. Those who haven’t are out of the ballot
4th Cascade
  • Applicants who have indicated willingness to be placed on a wait list
  • Establish a priority order for allocating passes as they become available
For more information on ballot arrangements visit www.gallipoli2015.dva.gov.au A host of activities and initiatives at a domestic and international level will occur from 2014 to 2018 to commemorate the Centenary of Australia’s involvement in the First World War. For more information visit www.anzaccentenary.gov.au _____________________________________________________________ Boronia Travel Centre is very pleased to announce that we are still taking additional bookings for everyone wishing to join us on an unforgettable tour and be part of the Anzac Day – Gallipoli Centenary in 2015. Boronia Travel Centre is the only tour operator that has secured the best hotels in premium locations throughout the Gallipoli peninsula which include the The Kum, Gallipoli, and the Park Eceabat Hotels. We are also pleased to advise that we have secured additional accommodation at the Truva and Akol Hotels, which are the only 4-Star hotels located on the waterfront in Canakkale, adjacent to the ferry terminal. Visit our comprehensive day-by-day Gallipoli 2015 Anzac Day Battlefield Tour itinerary. For your chance to be at the Gallipoli Centenary in 2015, Boronia Travel Centre will require an initial deposit to secure your booking. But hurry, space is strictly limited and we do expect to fill these quickly due to their prime location. Should you have any further queries, please contact us today or call us on 1800 035 350.
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