The Kokoda Trail along with the coastal localities of Gona, Buna and Sanananda was the scene of bitter fighting during World War II against the Japanese.

The trail today is a 96 kilometre journey through Australian history. Battle localities are still spread out in the jungle marked by the weapon pits of the combatants, empty, but as if the soldiers who sheltered there had shouldered their packs, walked away and left, only a day or two ago. Relics of theses terrible times can still be found, testament to the ferocity of the fighting and priorities of survival, very different from recovering equipment and personal effects.

All travel on the Kokoda Trail is hard, but the journey has been organized into daily portions which are manageable by persons of good health and average “jogger” fitness – with a personal carrier as an often favoured option. The timetable has been designed so as to allow participants time to negotiate the walk at their own pace, yet still be able to inspect areas, sights and places of interest along the way.

The trek is not designed to test fitness or how fast the journey can be travelled, but with the desire to allow people with an interest in Australia’s past a unique experience into the history, accompanied with travel documentary scenery and ecology plus an exposure to a very different local culture and lifestyle, with an experienced organisational structure to provide safety and informed, accurate detail.

Boronia Travel Centre recommends Kokoda Treks and Tours for anyone considering participating in this amazing trek of a lifetime. The team have over 20 years experience and provide a complete approach to share the full travel experience and campaign history.

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