When you travel with Boronia Travel Centre, you know that you are travelling with the most knowledgeable and experienced battlefield Tour Company in Australia. Here are some of the spectacular highlights of our recent Gallipoli Centenary Tour:

Bosphorus Cruise

We enjoyed a delicious lunch cruise along the Bosphorus, seeing beautiful Mosques, Palaces and historic timber houses on both the European and Asian shoreline. The Bosphorus is a 32 km (20-mile)-long strait which joins the Sea of Marmara to the south with the Black Sea to the north of Istanbul.

Rumelihisarı - Bosphorus StraightBosphorus Cruise Dolmabahçe Palace St. Anthony of Padua Cathedral - Bosphorus Cruise

“From the moment we left the airport in Istanbul the professionalism of Boronia Travel was evident. It was immediately apparent that along with our local guide Fulya, yourself and Mark we were in good hands. Fulya ensured that our tours of Istanbul (and the peninsula) were comprehensive, informative and enjoyable. Marks candour, tactical experience and historical knowledge ensured that the battlefields tours were moving and informative. His flexibility in dealing with our ‘independent’ group also lead to an extremely enjoyable experience for all.”
Terri and Nathan Dunn

Hagia Sophia

We visited the Old City and Hagia Sophia, one of the great marvels of architecture surviving in the world and the most important Byzantine monument in Istanbul. The Hagia Sophia, whose name means “holy wisdom,” was originally built as a cathedral in Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey) in the sixth century A.D.

Beautiful Artwork Hagia Sophia Istanbul Inside the Beautiful Hagia Shophia Istanbul Hagia Siphia Istanbul V1

Topkai Palace

The Topkapı Palace is one of the largest palaces in Istanbu that was the primary residence of the Ottoman sultans for approximately 400 years (1465–1856) of their 624-year reign. As well as a royal residence, the palace was a setting for state occasions and royal entertainments. It is now a museum and as such a major tourist attraction. It also contains important holy relics of the Muslim world, including Muhammed’s cloak and sword. It’s also tulip season when you visit in Spring.

Topkai Palace Istanbul Tulips Topkai Palace Istanbul V2

Rhododendron Ridge

The New Zealand soldiers came up Rhododendron Ridge as they tried to capture Chunuk Bair in the August attacks. This is a spectacular walk on a beautiful sunny day. Many thousands of men died on the hills at Gallipoli and it’s still easy to find old tunnels, human bones and shrapnel while climbing up Rhododendron Ridge.

Views along Rhododendron Ridge Gallipoli Tunnels Along Rhododendron Ridge Gallipoli Rhododendron Ridge Gallipoli

Shrapnel Valley and Plugges Plateau

Shrapnel Valley was the main artery of the Anzac sector, through which a stream of men and supplies flowed between the beach and the fornt line. This is a beautiful cemetery with Judas Trees in full bloom at this time of year. The site is overlooked by Plugge’s Plateau, a key command post standing 100 metres above the sea. A walk up here gives you a wonderful panoramic overview of the battlefields and the Anzac Commemorative site where the Dawn Service is held.

Plugges Plateau - Gallipoli Plugges Plateau Gallipoli Shrapnel Valley Gallipoli

Special Wreath Laying with Tour Participants

Our battlefield tours are designed to be both commemorative and an educational journey into an important part of our nation’s history. But for some it becomes a personal pilgrimage. Our tour participants are invited to do a personal wreath laying ceremony for their relatives who had fought (and sometimes died) during the conflict. This was a very special occasion to witness for the entire group. Lest we forget.

Beautiful Wreath - Gallipoli Wreath Laying Shrapnel Valley Wreath Laying Dawn Service Gallipoli

Anzac Day Dawn Service

The day began with an early departure to ensure our coaches were the first to register for the Dawn Service, so our tour participants could choose the best seating available. The Dawn Service was moving and spectacular with the beautiful Sphinx on display in the nightlight. For tour members without passes to the services, a special “live site” was set up where everyone could view the entire proceedings on the big screen. A very emotional day for all!

“The strategy you worked on for getting prime positions for your client group at the dawn service was clear and well thought out. My family group congratulate you on your wonderful achievement in setting up the tour which more than matched our expectations and requirements very well.”
The Rowe Family

“I would also like to thank the other members who were there that also put in many hours as well to make sure our trip went smoothly, the afternoon of the 25th was a measure of the effort that went into the planning that had us back at the hotel by 18.00 while other poor souls were still at Lone Pine.”
Mark Lund, Gympie

“Thank you to all the members of Boronia Travel for such wonderful arrangements for my recent trip to Galipoli. One can only start to imagine the “behind the scenes’ work that went into such a mammoth task to get everyone to their appointed hotels and travel arrangements. God bless you all.”
Hazel Donald

Dawn Service Anzac Day Gallipoli Special Live Site Dawn Service - Boronia Travel Centre

Our Tour Guides

The difference with Boronia Travel Centre is that all of our tours are lead by Australia’s most experienced and respected military historians who have travelled and written about these battlefields and bring to life the experiences of our Australian soldiers as you retrace their steps on battlefields throughout the world. Our historians live and breathe Australian military history, many of which are accomplished academically and have contributed to various Australian military historical projects relating to the Australian War Memorial. We also had the pleasure of Kenan Çelik (Centre), who is a world-renowned Turkish expert on the Gallipoli Campaign, join us on tour.

“Thanks again for a wonderful time in Turkey. Every arrangement went well and the quality of our guides and drivers was superb. The whole trip was amazing and it stands as one of the best experiences I have ever had, made all the more special by sharing it with the lovely tour group during the first week.  Having the involvement of the Australian War Memorial was the icing on the cake.”
Brett O’Riley, Auckland

“We were so lucky to have quality guides such as Rod Margetts and Sinan Gokdemir In our group, the knowledge that these men posses and there ability to keep us informed and entertained was truly amazing.”
Mark Lund, Gympie

Tours Guides - Boronia Travel Centre Lecturer Kenan Çelik OAM - Boronia Travel Centre Nick Fletcher in Fine Form - Boronia Travel Centre

Gallipoli Coastal Cruise

A special highlight was a boat tour off the Gallipoli coast which took us from near Anzac Cove to the small town of Eceabat for an unforgettable view of the valleys and ridges from the sea, just as the Australian soldiers would have seen it on the landing 100 years ago. Along the way we also saw the prominent Turkish Memorial and the Kilitbahir Fort, constructed by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1463 to control the straits at their narrowest point.

Ancient Forts - Gallipoli Coastal Cruise Turkish Memorial - Gallipoli Coastal Cruise Gallipoli Coastal Cruise - Boronia Travel Centre

“Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to your entire team for an extraordinary effort to provide the 2015 Premier’s ANZAC Spirit School Prize Tour a once-in-a-lifetime tour of memories. Personally, the ferry ride along ANZAC Cove was outstanding and overwhelming!”
Bev Smart, Chief of Protocol
Dept of the Premier and Cabinet

Grand Bazaar

A visit to the famous Grand Bazaar is a must as it is one of the largest indoor and outdoor shopping centres int he world. Here you will explore some of the 5,000 shops selling gold, silver, leather, carpets, ceramics, Turkish delight and all kinds of souvenirs.

Grand Bazaar - Boronia Travel Centre Turkish Delight - Grand Bazaar Istanbul Ceramics Grand Bazaar - Istanbul

Farewell Dinner

It was great to celebrate with new friends and bid farewell to all tour participants at the Arcadia Blue and Feriye Restaurants, both with spectacular views over Istanbul and the Bosphorus. This was an absolute highlight!

Blue Mosque at night - Boronia Travel Centre Arcadia Blue Restaurant - Istanbul View Blue Mosque from Arcadia Blue Istanbul

“Thank you specifically for the arrangements you made for Anzac Day itself and for the incredible farewell dinner. This was a trip to remember and I was indeed fortunate to be part of one of your groups. With every good wish.”
Bryan Nicholls

“The final dinner that Boronia put on for us was nothing short of spectacular and I will remember it for many years to come. Well done Boronia.”
Mark Lund, Gympie

“Thanks again to everyone at Boronia Travel for everything regarding our trip. We have great admiration for your organising skills and the over and above that we received.  I would not hesitate in recommending your company to anyone who was thinking of doing a battlefield tour anywhere. Once again thanks for everything.”
Lance and Pam Phillips

Our Our Team are Gallipoli Specialists

As you can see by all the wonderful highlights we are the most experienced and knowledgeable battlefield tour operators in Australia. Our Managing Director, John Waller, has been travelling to Gallipoli nearly 20 years and has developed unrivalled local knowledge and built strong relationships with many of the local businesses and hotels.

Our team are always on hand when you travel to ensure your tour runs smoothly. This means that the person you book your travel with will also be travelling with your group. They are Gallipoli specialists with experience. No other battlefield agent can offer this real point of difference, which ultimately benefits you, our valued customer.

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