The Spirits of Gallipoli Project

The Spirits of Gallipoli project is about the men of the AIF who are either buried or commemorated at Gallipoli.

The project provides details of sources, including reference books, newspapers and general sources where photos and information on the men can be found.

Kim Phillips is the Editor of the project, who’s main focus is to develop the soldiers as men, personalising them as part of peoples families, as individuals.

The project now has photographs of almost 60% of the men of the AIF buried at Gallipoli, and some information on nearly 95% of them. It has also involved scanning and indexing photos made available through old newspapers, memorial books etc, and has achieved more than 19,000 WW1 servicemen as at August, 2011.

The Spirits of Gallipoli project is a free service, where the aim is to keep a record of the relative’s contact details, so they can be contacted if any further information is found. This process has proved to be very fruitful, as there have been many occasions where the project has been able to provide families with photos of men they were researching, but whom they have never seen. In another example, some medals came up for sales with an auctioneer, and the family was contacted so they were able to purchase them.

It must be noted that this project does not duplicate the great work done by the War Memorial, the National Archives of Australia or by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in making information on the servicemen readily available.

This service may be accessed via our Family Search Service or by emailing any information or questions to: