Personal Service Records, WW2 1939-1945

Personal service records can be requested via the National Archives of Australia’s (NAA) RecordSearch database. You can locate the details of the service record by searching the database using the individual’s name and service number, and follow the grey request buttons.

Information Needed to Apply

To obtain a personal service record, the individual’s full name is required. Please also supply as much as you know of the following:

  • Name of service
  • Service number and/or rank
  • Unit/s served
  • Place enlisted
  • Place and date of birth
  • Next of kin at time of service

What’s in World War 2 Army Service Records?

The records created by the Army during WWII typically comprise a set of documents including the enlistment papers, the service, casualty and discharge forms, and a head-and-shoulders photograph may be included.

Search by Name to Find a Service Record

All World War 2 service records have been digitised and are available to view online. Using NameSearch you can quickly find the service records of particular individuals.