Boronia Travel Family Search Service

Our battlefield tours are designed to be both commemorative and an educational journey into an important part of our nation’s history. For some it’s a personal pilgrimage.

As part of our personalised service, we invite only our group tour particpants to advise us of any subject of particular interest, such as relatives who had fought (and sometimes died) during the conflict. Please complete the details below, and we will do our very best to research the matter to ensure, where possible, that the tour visits the particular site and that detailed information on the actions there are provided.

We have also provided you with relevant links to help retrace the footsteps of your military ancestors. ┬áThe personal service records contain information about individual soldiers’ war service and the units they served in.┬áJust select the buttons to the right and be taken to the best sites for you to find out the details of your ancestor’s service.

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